spyware removal

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    Solved Pop Ups Driving Me Crazy

    I downloaded a file that contained something that is making these pop-up ads appear on the lower right hand corner of the screen. I continues to pop up. I ran my Total AV to get rid of some viruses, but it must be spyware or something. Can someone help me? Guy System Info Utility version...
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    Solved Unknown "Generic" Computer in my Network Every day

    Hi gang!! I'm hoping someone can help me to understand why all of a sudden, for the last 2 weeks, some random computer shows up in my network everyday and how to get rid of it. It's the same MAC Address, so I know it's the same computer from Texas Instruments. I don't have anything in my home...
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    New Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version

    I know I have spyware-my ex is a hacker and still obsessed, Whenever I google a question about certain programs I find on my pc my pc refuses to respond either freezing up or refusing to answer question. I have Windows 8. I'm no tech or pc savvy at all. please remove spyware