ssd clone

  1. Domskyy

    How can I set up my ssd as boot device?

    Hello everyone I got my ssd lately and it's all set in my computer, I heard that you can clone all your files from hdd to ssd. I cloned everything what was on C: and now I have the same files on my hdd and ssd. My question is: What am I supposed to do to make my ssd into a boot device. Should I...
  2. M

    My pc wont load windows once moved from hdd to new ssd

    I recently moved my hdd files to my ssd to load windows from the nvme ssd but it doesnt let me run windows and is stuck in recovery mode
  3. N

    HDD and SDD not showing up in bios after installing M.2

    Hi guys! I am new to this forum and been seeking any answers in regards to my problem. I have recently bought a Sabrent 1TB M.2 SSD to upgrade my storage/run softwares faster. I have an Asus Prime b350m-a motherboard, plexor ssd and generic hdd. I tried installing the M.2 earlier today hoping...
  4. S

    SSD Cloning

    Hello im looking to swap out the ssd in my thinkpad x1 carbon and i know you have to clone my exisiting ssd to the new before replacing it. online there are different terms used such as "Cloning" and "Migrate" are these two the samething? if not which is better for replacing the ssd? Thanks!
  5. B

    Booting up an emmc laptop from an SSD.

    So I'm looking for a way to boot up an emmc laptop from an ssd. (Yes the laptop can support an ssd) But I've seen one review online which says you cannot change boot order of the laptop. But my main reason to put the ssd in the laptop is to reduce boot time and increase overall perfomance. I've...
  6. J

    SSD OS Clone

    I’m currently thinking about switching to an ssd instead of using an hdd for windows and a few games. Can I clone just my os and some games onto the ssd or can I only transfer all the data. I’m looking at getting a crucial mx500 500gb. Thanks
  7. V

    Need help in installing ssd in my all in one pc

    I have cq1-1030 IN all in one pc with HDD. I am planning to upgrade it to ssd. Need guidance... 1. I heard that my pc has 3.5 inch HDD. How 2.5 inch ssd will fit? 2. I want the old HDD as an external HDD. Can I use any casing? 3. I want all the software's from the old HDD to be transferred to...
  8. B

    Cloning HHD to SSD with Raid 0 without screwing up

    I have an old Dell Precision T5400 with Windows 7 set up with Raid 0 and want to replace with SSD. If I understand Raid 0 if one HHD dies I would lose everything and I would expect that cloning one drive without the other would screw things up due to incompatibility. Just wondering, If I...
  9. N

    Disk signature collision when installing new SSD

    Hi, I've just installed a Samsung SSD in my HP pavilion desktop running windows 7. I've successfully cloned my operating system to it using Samsung data migration and Magician programmes, but I'm not having much luck persuading my pc to boot from it yet. To start with it wasn't being listed on...
  10. D

    Transfering Programs from One OS to Another

    Hello, I have some questions about HDD-to-SSD cloning and junctioning. I recently had an issue with my SSD not booting after cloning an HDD to it. That issue has been solved--it boots just fine now. The issue was that I set it up as an MBR drive, but Windows 10 can only install boot files...