ssd hdd caddy

  1. Adrenalin369

    Z50 win10 optical SSD not found

    Hey, so I put a Samsung SSD in the optical slot on my Lenovo Z50 with an eBay Caddy. Shows in disk drives but is blank in disc management under disk 1. In the title shows 500GB but in volume shows 0. Also shows windows32 drivers oddly enough. Any idea how to get it recognized in order to...
  2. K

    Softwares on HDD in 2nd caddy dont work properly

    I installed an SSD into the main bay and a HDD in the optical drive caddy. Everything works fine when I am using the laptop. However, the softwares don't function right when I close the lid or turn off the display I used to access some of my steam games via Teamviewer and see the progress made...