ssd not showing

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    SSD cant initialized

    Hello, I have problem with my ssd almost 3 months, its start disappear from time to time... So i will restart my pc sometimes 2-3 times and ssd drive would show up and i was using it till it disappear again... My OS is on my HDD so i can boot every time, i use my ssd for games... Last thing i...
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    Solved SSD Doesn't Show up under UEFI Boot Options

    Hey guys, I have a Dell Inspiron 5575. I upgraded it with a M.2 nvme SSD. I cloned the SSD from the HDD so it does have windows on it. When I go into Bios, I can see my SSD. But I don't know how to make the computer boot from the SSD as it doesn't show up under UEFI boot options. See pics...
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    SSD not showing up in Windows 10

    I just updated drivers and now I don't see my SSD drive in file manager. It shows up in the Disk Managment (status Healthy (GPT Protective Partition) and is a BLUE line not black. If I try to right click on it my only option is Help. This drive worked just before updates. Any help would be...