1. F

    Is my motherboard compatible?

    Hi, So I want to upgrade my computer storage. I still have my old SSD but I want to get rid of it. My motherboard is a MSI B250 PC MATE (MS-7A72) and my question is about the compatibilities. Is this motherboard compatible with PCIe 3.0 x4 and NVMe 1.3? Thanks!
  2. J

    Sata ssd not showing in bios

    Hey so my Kingston sata ssd won’t show in the bios of my z590 gigabyte ud and was wondering if anyone knew how to find it?
  3. justaguywhoneeds

    Disk Usage Very High causing lag

    Hi, I currently have an issue where I get 50%+ disk usage for no reason actually. It's causing lots of lag. Is there any fix for it? [I've tried everything on YouTube, none of them worked] btw, can an SSD solve this issue?
  4. S

    SSD Issues Snowballed

    Hey everyone. Within the last few months I started seeing "scanning and repairing disk" messages when starting my computer. I took this as a sign to get a system image backup on an external hard drive. The other day I woke up my pc and had suddenly lost permission to access my SSD (which my...
  5. G

    Cloning Old SSD to new SSD

    I have my internal ssd, and external hdd back up drives. I bought a new tb ssd to put in place of my 500gb internal. Can I first clone my c drive to my external hdd and then after the installation of my new ssd clone it over to the new ssd from my external? I have that Mercium free cloning...
  6. M

    Windows 10 and Hard-Drives

    Hello! Its a bit of a complicated one to explain but basically, I had a hard drive with all my data on for the last 7 years and last week I couldn't boot into windows. Some friends of mine thought windows was failing because of the old hard drive so I bought an SSD (for windows) and another new...
  7. 8

    Solved Moving Program Files to new SSD

    Hi all, I have a new larger SSD which I have installed and would like for it to be used for everything. Looked for some guides online of how to transfer OS and everything else but this seemed to difficult and confusing. I've accepted and am perfectly happy with the OS staying where it is on...
  8. Ethanbowen101010

    My Old Hardrive took over the new one

    I watched a video on how to clone ur bad hardrive onto your new one to move windows 10 onto there, I did it and everything seemed fine while it was happening until the next morning I woke up and checked, now I see a c drive that was the bad one, and I see a, a drive that was my new one, except...
  9. J

    Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB vs Kingston HyperX 480GB Fury

    Please help me out buying the best SSD. I'm confused between the two.
  10. Chilt01

    Windows drive cloning strangeness

    Hi, this is my first post here, hopefully someone can help. I have cloned my one of my 3 old drives. I cloned my C:drive so to have my windows boot and run from my newer faster drive (1Tb NVMe SSD). Since cloning neither the two drive will boot from bios. Now the strangest bit is my HHD is the...
  11. P

    Moving system to SSD and making backup

    Hello I need some personal help due to make backup before moving system to ssd. I want to make full backup of all files and system. I want to use AOMEI backupper but I don't know which option to choose: backup of system or backup of disk.
  12. Pedrospk

    USB 3.1 to USB 3.1 or USB 3.1 to USB C

    Hi, I will buy an external SSD soon, the one I liked the most and that fits the best for my needs have a usb 3.1 to usb connection to the laptop but all my usb ports are full, so I'll need to buy a usb hub or use a usb type c cable, and I wonder what is the best and fastest option here. Thank you !
  13. mr.potatoplus

    AW13 laptop compatible with Evo 970?

    Hello, I want to know if this SSD will work without problems and then decide whether to buy it or change to a new laptop: SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 2TB - M.2 NVMe Interface Internal Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology (MZ-V7S2T0B/AM) On Amazon 50% It's 50% less right now, which seems a...
  14. PressABToStart

    Can’t Boot PC

    So I built my computer a while back, and being the first computer I ever built, I was dumb and installed Windows to my HDD instead of my SSD. Recently my computer has gotten cluttered and what not so I just wanted a fresh start, so I migrate all of my important files to my HDD, then formatted my...
  15. J

    Memory space after downloading games ?

    I’m just wondering how 92gb of my ssd has gone when I can’t find out what has taken it all up the only things that don’t have any size details is battlenet, but my battle net games come up in a different file anyway I will attach photo to show you
  16. C

    Paging file on ssd

    hi pc specs are intel i5-10400 ram 8gb ssd kingston 120gb hdd 1tb windows 10 64bit nvidia 1050 asus h410m hdv system working set memory is soo low on my pc its like 144 mb only. i tried to play with virtual memory but ill keep that to system managed for both ssd and that good? and how...
  17. Jaredteeter

    Windows 10 date bug not limited to y3k

    I have been pulling my hair out with trying to install windows 10 on a few computers. I'm not sure where this date problem came from, but I have been able to spread it to 3 other computers just trying to install a fresh copy of windows 10. The first time I noticed a problem on the 1st machine...
  18. youssef99

    Issue during upgrade to M.2 NVME

    Hello, I have an HP pavilion laptop cc1xx when I try to plug the NVME M.2, the laptop doesn't recognize it, also the wifi doesn't work as well as the USB ports. What is the solution
  19. J

    All cloning, imaging and backup efforts failing

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 19042, Installed 20191218105755.000000-240 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 10, CPU Count: 6 Total Physical RAM: 16 GB Graphics Card...
  20. A

    Partition/HDD to SSD/Boot problems

    hello i don;t know it's right category or not but i have a problem and i don't have any idea what to do please help me. I don't know what the hell happened I had 2 drive one hdd and one ssd I wanted to transfer my windows from hdd to ssd then I tried to do that with reflectfree app then just...