1. crcook84

    SSH Authentication for home use

    I've been looking into the configuration of my home WiFi access point, particularly SSH authentication. From what I can see, it's use is if you plan on accessing a network through a public portal. Well, I do not plan on configuring my WiFi for public use. In fact, I'm thinking of hiding the SSID...
  2. S

    SSH-RSA & username but no password

    Hello everyone, I asked someone to give me a free VPS server and he sent me an IP address and a username and an ssh key which is confusing me. can i use the key as an alternative to the password somehow as i am willing to use putty. P.S:This is the first time i use ssh so i don't really know...
  3. C

    Terminal SSH Help

    Ok, this is quite frankly far too complicated for me to be attempting but I'm gonna give myself credit for how far I have gone. So I am trying to make a "proxy tunnel" because my school blocked my favorite social media site from use on there internet while also blocking the popular proxy tunnel...
  4. H

    Getting no route to the host on using ssh command

    I'm using Linux in virtual box on my windows 10 earlier when I use to connect to the site using ssh command it use to get connected but now it say no route to host I tried to ping to the same site it also gets ping I have connected my virtual system through Bridged adapter how can I get ride of...