1. J

    Windows 10 Clean Install

    I am looking to do a clean install of Windows 10 Home the next time my system crashes. I have Intel (IRST, Wireless Card, and Bluetooth) components and Realtek components (Card Reader, ethernet, and HD audio). As I understand, I have to download those drivers separately? Also, If I reformat my...
  2. C

    No control past bios

    i recently bought a new mobo(gig h370 hd3) and a new cpu(i5 8400) I kept the same sshd, gpu and etc. I booted up the pc and got into bios fine everything was working. As soon as I got out of bios and into the windows login I can’t use my keyboard or mouse(lights are still on) I have tried the...
  3. M

    Frequent blue screens and system booting failures

    Hia. I'm having problems with frequent blue screens and problems with booting up my system. After I install the OS again I can use the computer for around a week before it crashes. Also while booting I often had the option to check my disk for problems. I'm thinking that it's either something...
  4. Youthanize

    HP s5213w Slimline; upgrade(s) compatibility!

    Good evening. As you can see above, I'm looking to upgrade this old creature. My hard drive has been failing, prompting my start-up to warn me of the impending doom. PROBLEM: I don't know how to tell what's compatible with my processor, motherboard, power supply, and the size of the machine...