1. Salltytrout

    Laptop wont turn on. Tried many things

    My laptop is a Acer Predator Triton 500 (pt515-51) I am stumped on a laptop that does nothing on startup. A few weeks ago I shut down my laptop via the start menu. (Normally I would just close the lid) after that my laptop would not start. The battery indicator lights up blue when plugged in...
  2. R

    Windows Start Search Not Functional

    Hello! I had to do a reformat of my hard drive and completed a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro. One thing I noticed that I am now unable to go to Start, and then type in an application or command to open. The search box will not open at all. Furthermore, if I launch Cortana, and try to do...
  3. L

    Can't access anything

    Recently I installed Outlook and at my next reboot I received a sql dumper error message. I researched online and was advised to access start menu to uninstall this as well. When the error message pops up, I can't move my mouse, the start button doesn't function, I cannot do anything...
  4. O

    PC wont start after lightning struck wednesday.

    So i was at school on wednesday and in the middle of the day when suddenly thunder and lightning started striking the streets of norway. When i came home i found firstly out that my ps4 was broken. A couple of days later i also found out that my pc wouldn't start. Therefore my question is. How...
  5. T

    Solved Computer will not start after windows 10 upgrade

    Downloaded and installed Windows 10 and now when I start up I get a blue screen offering to restart my computer and gets stuck on that window. Don't know what has changed but can't get any further into the startup. Upgrade was from Windows 7. Please help if you can.