starting up problem

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    Upgrade 98 to 2000

    I have a old gateway 800 performance and I wanted to use it to play old games. Windows 2000 wasnt installing so I took the hard drive out and installed it on my optiplex. Then took it back out and put it back in. Every time I start the computer it gets stuck loading windows. I've tried going...
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    Not able to boot restarts again and again

    Screenshot: This screen is displayed and it does not go any further then this and when F1 is pressed is again restarts and I have tried taking the Ram out and placing it in but same issue.I will be very thank full...
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    Computer start up problems

    When i start up my PC it doesn't always work. There are a number of different things that happen when i turn it on. I'll list them from most frequently occurring to least 1. PC turns on with no beeping, nothing happens till i hold the power button to turn it off (monitor status off) 2. PC...
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    PC Trouble!

    Hey everyone. My pc is running Windows 10 recently and all of a sudden, I go to power on my computer and it gives me a :( and tells me I need to restart my computer. It also provides me with the error message inaccessible1 boot device. After working on it, and trying to make sure all the...
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    Starting up problem, can't get into system

    I have a packard bell laptop and can't get the laptop to start properly. It turns on and goes into preparing automatic repair then nothing screen blank. Any suggests please. I can't get into a safe mode screen.