startup issue

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    Mac not starting up

    This is happening on not just 1, but 2 Macs of mine. One of them is far older, running OS Mojave, and the other is relatively new, running OS Catalina. The newer one is the one I use most frequently, whereas the older one I keep spare in case the newer one breaks. I went to use the newer one a...
  2. V

    Ryzen 9 multiple problems relating to lag and jerkiness

    My new Rizen 9 x3900 build has turned out to be the worst build (of 7 or 8) ever. The problems are probably related, but despite much work, lots of web searching, and trying everything I could think of, the new computer remains unimpressive. I have apparently wasted a lot of money. If anyone...
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    "Preparing Automatic Repair" Doesn't work

    My laptop (Predator Helios 300, i7-7700HQ, 16Gb DDR4, GTX 1060, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD) doesn't start up for some reason. So I wanted to start it in safemode so I can backup my crucial data before formatting my pc. When it started "Preparing Automatic Repair" it went to a black screen with only the...
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    My HP Envy won't Boot Up. What to do?

    I purchased the HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k022dx Sleekbook in March of 2014. I had no problems with it until this year. I downloaded a game that would cause my laptop to heat up and if I left my laptop idle for a few minutes (ie. going to the restroom, having a conversation away from the laptop)...