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    Setting up static IP addresses

    Attempting to set up static IP address and the device is asking for the gateway address however the ip addresses i have dont match with the ip addresses on the gateway so do i need another gateway address or am i just doing it wrong.
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    Static External IP Address For Netgear

    Hi; I'm hoping someone might help. I want to setup an older wired netgear router to request a static ip from my isp. When I go to the setup page I don't see my router as an installed device and therefor can't select it for a static ip. Am I missing something? The only two installed devices...
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    Static IP/Port Forwarding

    I am trying to port forward my router for my friends to join my multiplayer server, but it isn't working. I created a static IP through my Fios router's website, and I checked to make sure my port was forwarded with the program "Port Forward Network Utilities" (which said that my port was...
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    Port Forwarding Not Working on Technicolor TG582n

    Hello All, I'm trying to set up port forwarding on the Technicolor TG582n, without success. I have a Static IP with my ISP, and the router's Remote Management function (using port 25457) is working fine, allowing me to access it anywhere. I'm trying to create two instances of port forwarding...
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    Networking Question

    I have a Tower that i am converting to a Dedicated server using OpenVZ Virtualization for Virtual Private Servers i got the Virtualization part figured out i can create and log into the VPS using the IP Address from the Router but that is a DHCP ip so i ordered 3 Static IP's from my ISP and they...
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    Need help with port forwarding!! Plzz

    Okay so.. I have a BSNL broadband that is configured as dhcp (I haven't purchased a static ip yet) . I was told that port forwarding through a dhcp isnt possible at all and I need to buy a static ip. but I really really really want to port forward , tcp/udp. I have a dlink modemn with 2730u...