1. M

    My PC Monitor keeps going static at random times

    Whenever im browsing on google/playing a game/just doing anything, my monitor goes static, I've restarted it, checked the plugs and wires, but no resolve. Anyone know the cause and resolution?
  2. Frostclaw

    Overwhelming Static on USB Microphone

    I am getting the most overwhelming electronic static through my CAD U1 USB Microphone-- which has always worked perfectly fine on the same computer in the past. I've tried everything I can think of. Disabling/Enabling AGC, Maximizing/Minimizing the volume, reinstalling the drivers, trying a new...
  3. F

    Avoiding Static Damage when dusting inside of PC

    Hello, I just spoke with a computer service worker who told me I run a high risk of damaging my pc tower if I open it and dust it myself with compressed air cans. I have not seen any major warnings concerning this issue during my online research into the topic. I have never done this before...
  4. R

    speakers crackling sound

    my speakers have static and crackling sound. when i restart the problem is solved, but when i do not shut down and turn it on the problem comes back. does 18042prt have to do with this?
  5. Y

    New Speakers, Still static

    I had an issue with my speakers connected to my pc sounding static-y, so I borrowed some speakers and tried them, no static, so i bought some new speakers, and there static sound is there. I assume theres something wrong with my pc specifically, but have no idea what I could possibly do to fix...
  6. pcurley41

    Continued Static On Burned CD

    I have a HP computer and every time I burn downloaded music to a blank CD I get static around the middle of the disc. I have tried everything including burning the discs at the slowest speed possible yet I'm still getting these issues I burnt lots of CDs in never had an issue until about the...
  7. K

    I get a static sound when i use the mic [Logitech G633]Win10

    Whenever i turn on the microphone on my completely new, undamaged Logitech G633 I get a sort of blowing sound, or some kind of static noise, and it's really loud. It doesn't change when i turn up or down the volume. This issue has only happened with the microphone integrated in the headphones...
  8. D

    Networking Question

    I have a Tower that i am converting to a Dedicated server using OpenVZ Virtualization for Virtual Private Servers i got the Virtualization part figured out i can create and log into the VPS using the IP Address from the Router but that is a DHCP ip so i ordered 3 Static IP's from my ISP and they...
  9. M

    Vodafone Smart Prime FM Radio not working

    Hi There My radio doesn't seem to work, whenever I turn it on all i hear is static. I've tried multiple headsets but all with the same outcome Any help would be appreciated.
  10. S

    Please help with bad mic sound

    Please help with my mic i keep getting this horrible sound when i record, and my voice is really quite, and spend hours editing the sound to get rid of it, but i think its the computer that's doing it not the mic's as all 3 are doing it. The 3 mics i have are: 1) neewer nw-700 (3mm jack) 2)...
  11. A

    Pc Not starting after mobo flashes and fans move once

    so I've assembled my gaming pc, but I'm worried I damaged my mobo with static shock. I felt a shock yesterday while building the pc when I touched the mobo, and now this is hapenning. I plug it in, try to start it, and the motherboard light flashes once, the fans twitch, and then stop. The case...
  12. M

    Static when headphones are plugged in

    Hey guys! I just got a new computer and it's been working amazingly well. I just plugged my headphones in a few minutes ago and started hearing static (note: this hasn't happened since i got it). I only hear it when i hit a key on my keyboard, click through websites, or have a program running. I...
  13. M

    Audiobox USB 2.0 - Noise in right side of headphones only

    Just bought a new pair of headphones. Plugged them into the back of my audiobox usb 2.0 and I'm getting noise in the right side only. Whether I'm playing back any sound or not. I tried them on my laptop and cell phone and both are clear as can be. I am plugged into a USB 2.0 port directly into...
  14. M

    Loud static noise then total lockup-crash

    I'm getting these more an more frequently. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it either. My computer can be totally idle and I come back to it and it's locked up or I can be simply reading something on the web and it might happen. Can anyone offer any support on this? Operating...