1. hxhukellari28

    MacOS Bootcamp Slow issue

    Hello everyone, hope you’re all good. I wanted to ask for help on an issue regarding MacOS Windows boot camp, which means I can run windows on a mac. I’ve had it for a couple months without issue until last week. I only use windows for gaming, since almost all pc games are windows only. I...
  2. itzmg

    I cant connect to any rust server with the port 28015

    i can connect to any other rust server but for some reason i cant connect to the ones with port 28015 . i tried restarting my router,pc , also turning off my firewall and even reinstalling rust but it didnt work. i tried to go my routers setting and find port forwarding but no port was being...
  3. ConsciousColony

    The Master Chief Collection Loading Issue (PC/Steam)

    Hello y'all! I just purchased the The Master Chief Collection pack on Steam, it boots up fine and normal all the way to the menu screen. However, once I downloaded Halo CE on the ingame menu (I downloaded just the campaign not the multiplayer) I went to launch it and the the game begins to...
  4. C

    Steam games got deleted

    Hello, I already contacted Steam about this, but they couldn't help. So, I have a Seagate external HDD, and I have installed about 10 Steam games into it. Suddenly I noticed, that all of them were uninstalled. The game library for the HDD was deleted. I tried to add another library to the...
  5. Tommy45601

    Steam on ChromeOS+LinuxBeta

    I’m using chromeOS+LinuxBeta on a chromebook and it keeps giving me the same “fatal error:” anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?
  6. F

    Screen problem while playing

    Hello. I have got a second screen two days ago and i wanted to play a old game i played in the past. When i played it with only one screen, i never had any problem but now when i open the game with my two screens there is this bug. I am not sure what is happening, i have verified the integrity...
  7. A

    Can't connect to steam servers using one network !

    Hello everyone , I hope you're having a great day and i thank you for reading my thread and trying to help me hopefully find a solution . Okay before i start i'll say that i had this problem of mine before then it suddenly dissapeared so that it reappears 2-3 days before today . Basically...
  8. L

    Error 4101 - NVIDIA RTX 2080 w/Max-Q

    Hi all, I've been dealing with this issue for a few months now and haven't had any luck on my own, so I figured I'd try sending up a flare. On certain games (some trigger the error, some don't) the graphics freeze after a few minutes of gameplay, but the audio continues. If I hit controls, I...
  9. C

    Sound Issues

    Hi, i've had this problem for a little bit, i have Logitech g533 headset, when i play games (most notably: Pubg, Csgo) and i alt tab the volume raises to what i deem a good volume but when i go back into the game it goes quiet again and makes it hard to hear anything going on, Discord is not...
  10. D

    Can't play Z1BR (H1Z1) online on steam

    so basically, i load up h1z1, click solo to play the game, then im put in a queue for 2 mins then i get disconnected. this should not be happening. it should put me in the game instantly. it may be a firewall problem and i really need help on this please. many thanks.
  11. H

    Constant error when trying to access steam (MAC)

    heyo, so I’ve been trying to re-access my old steam account but i’m always greeted with “steamui.dylib”. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the application and everything else multiple times, followed every youtube video + support line i could but nothing’s worked. I’m just a lonely gal trying to...
  12. O

    Steam Fatal Error: Steam needs to be online to update.

    Every time I launch steam to check games to download it continues to pop up with the error saying "Steam - Fatal Error: Steam needs to be online to update. Please check your network connectivity and try again." I followed tutorials online and none of them worked and I'm getting really confused...
  13. G

    T.Flight Hotas 4 not able to use on arma 3

    I read that this flight stick, T.Flight Hotas 4, is the best one for playing Arma 3 when flying helicopters. I have installed the software and update from their website and got it to work in Windows 10 but even though it shows up on my list in Arma 3, it is not recognized when I try to play it...
  14. erikuzas

    best 4TB HDD for STEAM games library

    Hey folks it's time to get rid of my 2x500gb old HDD's because in order to install new games i Purchase which are like ~50GB each I need to uninstall other games :/ With just one 4TB hard drive I should be fine for looooong time. So please hardware tech guys suggest me suitable HDD for my...
  15. H

    Visual studio is giving me game-crashing error upon launch.

    Hey, all. I've recently downloaded Little Busters from steam - it just came out yesterday, and I can see that it's a little buggy, but so far, none of the bugs patched and addressed relate to my problem. As soon as I launch it, it crashes. It's all white, plays no sound or video; it doesn't get...
  16. H

    Games and steam wont start.

    Hey, i have had this computer for 1 year now and never had a problem like this. I started a week ago where i tried to xplane 11. I have had it for 2 months and no problems and i thought it might just be a problem with that game. Then 2 days later i couldent open steam or gta 5. I restarted my pc...
  17. G

    Downloads slow for no reason

    Windows 10 Same internet as roommate who has upwards of 12MB/s download, I have less than 400 kB/s. Same ISP. Tried switching modem ports to no avail. Tried downloading the same programs from same sites with same applications(mainly Steam and BitTorrent) and same background programs running...
  18. D

    Cannot delete game folder no matter what i try

    You need permission from msi\User to delete this folder. I am the admin acount I have full permissions Every possible access listed has full permissions I made an access called "Everyone" gave it full permissions I've restarted Its invincible. i cannot delete this file. no one can. i think...
  19. NekoZombii

    Help! Steam Game (Unturned) Causes Hard Crashing!

    So, I play this game on Steam called Unturned. It runs on the Unity engine, which I've heard from some people is notoriously unstable. Whenever I play this game, after a seemingly random amount of time (ranging from immediately upon start-up of the game to about 45 mins-1 hour of playing) it...
  20. C

    SSD to HD question

    Hi so I have just migrated my old HD to and SSD after installing windows fresh in the SSD I have all my old files still on my HD which I want to use as additional storage within my computer. Firstly - can I copy files from it at the moment onto my new SSD instead of downloading fresh? (Will it...