1. hxhukellari28

    MacOS Bootcamp Slow issue

    Hello everyone, hope you’re all good. I wanted to ask for help on an issue regarding MacOS Windows boot camp, which means I can run windows on a mac. I’ve had it for a couple months without issue until last week. I only use windows for gaming, since almost all pc games are windows only. I...
  2. ConsciousColony

    The Master Chief Collection Loading Issue (PC/Steam)

    Hello y'all! I just purchased the The Master Chief Collection pack on Steam, it boots up fine and normal all the way to the menu screen. However, once I downloaded Halo CE on the ingame menu (I downloaded just the campaign not the multiplayer) I went to launch it and the the game begins to...
  3. H

    Steam games on ubuntu

    Hi so I've been having trouble with ubuntu so I've got my games working and am able to install the but I cant seem to get them to save to my external hardrive. I know the press how you got to settings downloads and add new folder but when I do that my ex hardrive wont show up
  4. I

    Game Crash

    Hello there. I don't know much about PC, but I'll try to be as much descriptive I can. So I play a F2P game on Steam, named Unturned. While I'm playing this game it crashes. (Sometimes on loading screen, rarely on lobby, most times in-game). So this is how I crash: my screen freezes for like 3...