stereo mix

  1. T

    Stereo Mix not working

    In the past I have been able to use stereo mix ingame and such but now I can't. It is enabled but the meter doesn't go up/doesn't pick up any sound. I currently only have stereo mix enabled in the recording tab as the default device. I have tried reinstalling IDT High Def Audio CODEC but it...
  2. punkkid

    Stereo Mix Not Picking up Sound or Recording.

    Hello, I play guitar and bass through my computer and record with Windows Movie Maker and Audacity from my soundcard using 'Stereo Mix'. I have Windows 10. Everything was working just fine yesterday and I recorded a track. TODAY, Stereo Mix, despite being enabled and set as the default...
  3. F

    Headset mic recording sounds through headset?

    I've searched around a lot about this topic, but after hours and days of searching, I've found nothing to fix my problem. I have a headset that has speakers and a microphone (3.5mm jacks) that work fine, except when I'm trying to talk to someone using the microphone, they can hear the sounds...