sticky keys

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    Keys Stay Active Even After I've Let Go

    Hello! This is my first time using this site, so bear with me. Whenever I play a game on my new laptop, purchased 3-4 months ago, I run into a rather annoying issue. Every game I play uses WASD to move, so it really becomes an issue when I need to go in a certain direction but my character...
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    Ipad shift-key issue

    I'm using an external keyboard for my ipad air 2 and everytime i press the shift key once, all the letters thereafter are typed in upper case. When i press and hold on to the shift key , the letters are typed in lower case. It seems to me that it is working in reverse. I have already already...
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    Keyboard keys

    In my Windows 7 Laptop some keys like A S W E P L M are not working normally by holding with shift key ..... Tell me how to make that correct