stop code

  1. Knightmare917

    Your pc ran into a problem

    So I just bought a thinkcentre m80 pc tower and I loaded it up for the first time yesterday, I played fallout new Vegas on it and it crashed, load it back up and it says sorry your computer ran into an issue. And the stop code says bad config info. I’ve tried everything to get the computer to...
  2. S

    boot option causing STOP: 0x000000B8

    I have 2 boot.ini lines: First one works fine. Attempting to use the second one causes "STOP: 0x000000B8" caused by adding /noguiboot machine run fine I was just testing if it would show driver loading lines without switching to the animated logo display (I have a customised one). No external...
  3. K

    Games crash shortly after opening, occasional stopcode

    For the past 3 weeks, my computer has been crashing with two stop codes, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Most noticeably the latter. I reinstalled windows 10 and it seemed to fix the issue with my pc crashing but my games would still crash. Most games open and about 30...
  4. V

    Solved Desk lamp made my pc unbootable

    My computer is stuck saying 'stop code: inaccessible boot device' and keeps restarting when I plug in my keyboard. Hers what happened. My PC was ON with a screen. It was plugged into an extension cord along with other inactive things, one of which was a lamp. So I go ahead and turn on the lamp...