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    Mouse Stops Moving Randomly

    I have a brand new Razer Mamba (had a Razer Naga with the same issues) and every so often the mouse will just stop moving for a few seconds. This happens MUCH more often when I am in playing some game, but still occasionally happens when I am not in game. I have tried SO MANY solutions that I...
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    Computer keyboard and mouse randomly stops working

    Hiya I am having some problems with my pc... if i don't use the keyboard and mouse for a while they randomly stop working, in order for them to work again I have to restart my pc. Does anybody know what could be wrong with my pc? Or how I could fix it? It is a new refurbished pc, the model...
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    Solved Audio output stopped completely after stutter.

    So...I was listening to music from Spotify and YouTube, when suddenly the sound started to stutter and it sounded like it was going slow motion. Then I realised it only happened when other programs were open. For example audio was perfectly fine when only Spotify was open, but when I opened any...