storage problems

  1. V

    No storage to update Windows 10 but nothing saved on my PC

    I need to update my Windows 10 because I keep getting blue screened. It says I have no space but I have absolutely nothing saved on my laptop (HP Stream 14). I have followed the instructions of every forum online for how to free up space and it hasn't helped. There are no temporary files, no...
  2. J

    Help clearing space on surface pro 4

    I have a Surface Pro 4, 4.00 Gb RAM, and windows 10 (from 2018) on my laptop. Recently, my surface's storage is getting filled, even after I deleted all my photos and transferred all my important files to places like OneDrive and iCloud. I was guessing that this was because I have not gotten the...
  3. C

    Having an issue with storage space

    I haven't been able to update in months because of this. I don't understand how the computer's required files can be using up more than half of my disc space. I've done disc cleanup, but that did nothing. I have deleted every possible thing on this computer that I can. The only apps I have are...
  4. M

    OS won't load from HDD

    hello! I recently installed a new SSD into my computer. My OS is installed on my HDD. Everytime I try to boot up my computer, it uses the SSD instead of the HDD to load in the OS. How do I switch it around? Do I have to access BIOS? If so, how to I access it?
  5. R

    expanding storage space

    Hello, I have a chromebook 3. I have already used all the storage on it. I bought a micro 128 g sd card and inserted it into my chromebook. I formatted it but it still says I've ran out of storage. How can i use the sd card as internal storage on the chromebook?
  6. K

    What are "other" files?

    Hello All, I am currently attempting to use an Android emulator on my laptop. It now will not open due to insufficient storage space. I cleaned out all of my junk files and even got rid of some unwanted apps. I then noticed I have an "other" folder that is the bulk of my storage space and I cant...
  7. Catnmouse0923

    Which running apps to delete/forcestop+defintions

    Hi All! I have spent too long looking for an answer and I am unable to find one, so I am hopeful someone here will help. ok, here it is... I have an android samsung phone. Its not the newest but its not dirt old either. I am trying to speed my phone and want more space on my phone.( no, I do...
  8. P

    Solved Dell Inspiron 13-5378 Signature Edition full on disk space

    I am very confused. I have been trying to clear up some space for a while now but nothing really worked. I have looked deeper into the issue and this is what I found: So, it says that I am using 51 GB for all of my Disk. But, then I find this. It says that I have basically used 235 GB. How is...
  9. W

    Raid missing in windows 7

    Hello, I have (3) 2TB drives ran in RAID 5 that seems to have this disappeared in windows 7 this morning. I believe the RAID is controlled through my motherboard (ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z), using AMD RaidXpert utility. This utility shows all physical drives status as 'functional', S.M.A.R.T...
  10. TheGreatKaito

    Solved Dilemma of using old HDD in new rig..

    Guys,just days ago I purchased all the components needed to make a gaming rig.Well,most of the components[except my PSU] have been delivered.As I was talking to the guy who is going to assemble my CPU,he gave me a suggestion to use my old HDD with the new one,as it would give me and my family...