strange computer behaviour

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    Keyboard causing computer to act strange

    Hello, My Dell tower (unsure of the model number, please let me know what info I can give to narrow this down) has worked just fine for the past couple of years but just recently, after no changes in routine, began to type sporadic strings of text and use all kinds of shortcuts that cause new...
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    Solved Weird HDMI problem

    Hey guys, So i plug my HDMI cable into a tv in my room everything works fine, i then plug it into the lounge room tv (has worked on this tv before) but now the tv only shows my desktop background with no icons or when i click to watch a movie my desktop background stays the same on the tv but it...
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    New Possible Malware remaining and variety of strange symptoms

    HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook, Windows 7, 64 Bit operating system with 4GB RAM and 2.30GHz processor. In April I had some malware removed with the help of staff on this website. The full thread is available here: