1. T

    Should I buy Ryzen 7 5800x or wait for GPU as well

    My plan is to play and stream CS:GO on a semi-pro level with a 144hz monitor. You might be thinking that I don't need a crazy powerful machine to play csgo because it's almost 10 years old. You don't if you want to play casually 60-144 fps. I did some research to see what kind of PC I need to...
  2. N

    Live Stream Sony Handycam HDR CX440

    Hello! I am trying to start streaming video games and have purchased the Sony HDRCX440 but it seems like nothing I do works. I've tried USB streaming, and I just bought a converter that goes from HDMI to USB, but neither works. I don't think the adapter is technically a video capture card, or...
  3. P

    Mini PCs

    I was wondering if these systems were powerful enough to handle an HD live stream and HD logitec camera for streams on you tube? I want to purchase one if so and in the 300.00 range. If you have recommended ones, that would be great. Thanks.
  4. E

    videos in b/w

    My livestream and news videos are in a nearly black & white, I can barely see some yellow and blue. Occasionally, when I begin the video, it will be in full color, but cut out after a half second. Youtube videos are fine and always in full color. Is it the format of the video? Is it a software...
  5. M

    NAT VPN HW Question

    Hello, I have a hw due for my computer class and I'm supposed to make a diagram that shows a laptop sitting behind a nat with a vpn server connecting to a netflix server but I have no clue how to do this. Any suggestions?
  6. P

    Video lagging/stuttering

    Hello all. Minimal tech knowledge here so go easy on me please. I have a lets say home built gaming pc that I bought from some guy... It's actually working fine except recently video playback while streaming and gaming is lagging while the audio continues to play. The lag is anywhere from 1...
  7. P

    Wi-Fi extenders? Boosters? What do I need?

    Next to my router I can get around 16 Mbps, but by me computer which is almost directly one floor above my router I can only get around 10 Mbps. I stream on Twitch and I need speeds more reliable but I cant figure out what I should be doing. Ive looked into range extenders/repeaters but from...
  8. X

    Second Streaming Monitor to go with Main gaming computer

    Good evening, I currently have a XB271HU gaming monitor and I want a second monitor to go with it to look at chat from twitch, and to browse the internet. I’ve read contradicting things such as not supposed to have different resolution as well as different refresh rate. I want a cheap second...
  9. H

    Opinions on this computer build? (For streaming and gaming)

    I plan on being able to build a computer that can run pretty much all games at max settings and stream at the same time. Any opinions are valued, thank you. This is what i have put together so far.
  10. O

    Cameras, Windows 10, and Game Streaming

    Here's the situation/goal etc. I want to stream games on Twitch or whatever. I have a Canon Vixia HF R600, Canon Rebel EOS (older school DSLR), Nikon CoolPix, and Canon Rebel T7i. I want to use one of these as a webcam of sorts. I've tried 4 different broadcasting/streaming programs, Adobe...
  11. F

    Stream labs first twitch stream HELP!!!!

    Hi my name is Sarah, and I downloaded streamlabs in the hopes of streaming games on Twitch. I got everything ready I followed a YouTube overview of the technology. I have done everything the guy told me. And was ready to stream. But every time I try, it doesn't seem to want to live stream. I...
  12. L

    Suddently started getting low frames while streaming....

    Suddenly started getting low (5-20)/skipped frames while streaming but right before I was getting 60 stable on heavier setup At around the same time I filled my C drive to 99% but in 1 hour it was at 9% I have no other explanation for this If someone knows what is the problem would need help...
  13. X

    Help with my poor internet and Wi-Fi, please?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've reached a pretty desperate point and I'm seeking some advice please? Basically, I'm having issues with online gaming and with streaming those games. I've done a variety of internet speed tests and the results generally come out as this: Download speed: between...
  14. J

    Streaming 4K 60fps from laptop computer to TV

    Hi, I want to buy laptop that would be capable of streaming 4k 60fps (e.g. NBA games through LeaguePass once they will stream it in 4K or different content also in 4K 60fps) to my TV. What kind of graphic card and processor I would need? Do I need hdmi 2.0 in laptop? I heard streaming could be...
  15. G

    Solved Hardware Encoders

    So I wanted to ask if there was a way for me to use my video camera that can't stream by default, with a hardware encoder. I'm very new to the subject and want the proper information before making any purchasing decisions.
  16. P

    Streamlabs OBS Disconnects Daily - ISP or Me?

    Hi all, Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this post. Secondly... PLEASE somebody help me! OK so this is my situation - I am a streamer on platform and use Streamlabs OBS to do so. Every night without fail between the hours of 23:00 and 00.00 (never an exact time)...
  17. J

    Ps4 audio streaming help

    I'm trying to get m discord audio into my ps4 so I can stream on the native ps4 streaming service, but I can't seem to get my discord audio onto the stream. I'm using an auxillary cable plugged into my speaker jack on my laptop, connecting it to what I think is a ctia-y cable, and the other end...
  18. ilijabasa

    Fortnite streams and recordings

    So I want to stream and record fortnite, but when I stream or record, the video or the stream uses 1 frame every 45 seconds. And I stream and record with OBS. I have tried so many different setting but nothing seems to be working that well. I set up one setting and it wont lag the recording, but...
  19. S

    Stream Mac with PC

    Hi I'm looking to stream the audio and video on my mac with my pc. I'm thinking of porting the audio and video through hdmi with a thunderbolt converter to a hdmi capture card like this one: Would this work?
  20. 3

    Netflix and others won't open on my wifi

    My Netflix app on my PS4 has stopped working. Won't open at all. Error message ui-800-3. Same goes for Amazon and YouTube. My phone also can't use Youtube. In short, I am unable to stream any video on my wifi at home. This seems to be confined to my broadband wifi as I can use YouTube on my 4G...