stuck black screen

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    Can't boot into Android-x86 7.1 anymore

    I had Android-x86 7.1 (Nougat) installed for a while and it worked, but I decided to reinstall it into the ext3 filesystem. I also decided to install it on my hard disk, rather than my USB stick as I did before. Now, I can get to GRUB and select the Android option, but then it will just send me...
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    Blank black screen after changed the date and time! help

    My laptop's date and time will reset everytime i shut down and turn on, (not restart) (reset to 2012) I access inetrnet without the right date and time, so everytime i turn on my laptop, i must set the date to right time to go online. It's annoying, then i tried methods on internet but all...
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    HP Desktop Stuck On Black Screen With Underscore

    Hello, so a couple days ago i turned on my 2007-2008 HP desktop and it booted up by got stuck on a black screen with a blinking underscore and I have tried googling for a fix but i cant find anything.Hope someone can help me if you need more info please ask me.Thank you.