1. H

    is this pc worth 1660$? or 1560 euros

    Hello i configured this pc by myself ...does it worth 1660$? or 1560 Euros? Please tell me if anything wrong with it and will it run all the games of 2017?
  2. snowlotus

    Need some help

    hello everyone. I am a simple person, looking for a rad laptop. I have a couple in which my eyes are locked on and I'm not sure if they are the best for me. Would anyone help me to suggest which is the best? Below are a couple of links that I have for the few lappys that I'm looking into. Mind...
  3. CloudyBumblebee

    ISO HD graphic card that'll run on my Toshiba Satellite PC

    Hey, I'm wanting to start uploading gameplays / streaming matches off my Wii U, soon to be Switch, PS4(I know it records but just incase y'know), PS3, and Xbox 360 even. So I'm pretty sure I need an HD Graphic card for good quality, but would my PC be a problem? I got it back in like...