1. L

    Power Supply Working Outside of Case, No Power In Case

    I have two systems, an Optiplex 790 and another PC with a A68HM-Plus board and a A8-7690k. The power supply that came with that system (bit of a scrapyard wars build) is working fine now, computer is booted up as I type this. However, I'm having an issue with my Optiplex system that I've not had...
  2. P

    PC wont boot up after installing new PSU

    I was having problems with my PSU (it would switch my pc off if i would try to load a game up and making a grinding noise) so i buy a new PSU and install it all correct and my PC wont turn on it spins a fan and flashes a led for miliseconds but does nothing. so i thought maybe a faulty PSU so i...
  3. AaronN95

    Two Motherboard Failures

    New computer builder here. Built a desktop following closely with Carey's Fall 2016 Gaming Computer Build video (great walkthrough by the way). Specs: ASUS Z-170A Intel i5-6600k Corsair 8gb DDR4 2666mhz Corsair CX750 PSU EVGA Geforce GTX 960 Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Worked fantastic for...
  4. R

    PSU is that ok to leave extra 2 pins for gpu?

    I have one Frontech JIL-2430 800 Watts SMPS as a temporary smps since my old one is on its way back after service. i have one gtx 1060 card, it needs only 6 pins to power my gpu is that ok to leave those extra 2 pins ? (since the frontech jil comes with single 8 pin )
  5. I

    Old pc Optiplex 320 Amber light

    About a month ago I got my brothers extremely old pc from about 2008 ( the optiplex 320) and he gave it to me but it had a broken graphics card I believe, because everything was always tinted green but once I got the new graphics card (geforce GT 730) it worked fine but it had only two 1Gb...
  6. T

    Asus Power Surge Issue

    Hey Guys/Girls So about 4 days ago i did a windows 10 reset and after that had to do a windows update and i restarted for it and i went to turn it back on and and yeh it would power but the usbs didnt power mouse or keyboard and the monitors stayed off so i thought okay so i decided to get a...
  7. O

    PC wont start after lightning struck wednesday.

    So i was at school on wednesday and in the middle of the day when suddenly thunder and lightning started striking the streets of norway. When i came home i found firstly out that my ps4 was broken. A couple of days later i also found out that my pc wouldn't start. Therefore my question is. How...