1. Marante

    Wierd graphical issues and game crashes.

    Hi! I've been having major issues lately with my computer. Games I am playing are crashing at random times (with random intervals inbetween them). I get wierd graphical bugs in a lot of games I play (screenshots will be provided). I have not done any changes what so ever (both hardware and...
  2. I

    Monitor keeps disconnecting from laptop NEED HELP

    I have a non-gaming laptop connected to an external monitor, and it switches off, goes black and flickers every few minutes or so, then disconnects completely and I have to pull the plug and put it back in. This happens especially when gaming. The audio from the game also keeps looping while...
  3. D

    VSAT link

    I have an issue with a VSAT Setup Am using COMTECH Modem for TX and IDC for recieve modand the modem some times could not provide a 10MHz clock to the BUC at an intermittent pace. I have replaced the modem and still the problem persist and I need support Thank you
  4. K

    Disabled core processors and now computer won't start up

    Hi, I was very very dumb and went into my msconfig file and unchecked the cores box and restarted. I read on a forum that I had to uncheck it and restart so that my computer is forced to relocate my cores or something and yea, didn't go well :/ I was trying to enable all four of my cores...
  5. S

    Solved PC Randomly Turns Off

    My PC randomly shuts down. This all started roughly two weeks ago, but it keeps getting worse and more frequent. When it shuts down I have to flip the switch in the back, wait a few seconds, then flip it again before restarting. The power button on the front does nothing. (The PC is completely...
  6. K

    Can't post a comment on Facebook

    Windows 7 Yesterday I found that suddenly I can't post a comment on a post or reply to posts in my Facebook groups. When I click to comment the cursor doesn't appear and the comment box remains blank.I didn't have any problem before that. I can post a new message on a group and make private...
  7. R

    My computer won't connect to the internet...

    ...but all the other computers in my house do. My internet was working flawlessly on my computer and then suddenly it stopped. I restarted my computer, restarted modem and router, but to no avail. Then I switched network cards, I got a better connection with that one but it wasn't good, hence...
  8. T

    Solved Internet outage occurs frequently, help please

    I don't really know where to post this but I think this is the best place to post it. If not forgive me. Ok here's my problem: This just happened all of the sudden. For the past week, I have been experiencing internet outages. When I experience an internet outage, it happens for like 10 seconds...
  9. L

    I am having issues with my NEW Computer

    I built my PC in Novemeber 2015, Spent over £1000 on it. Since the 28/01/2016 I've been having issues with my PC automatically scrolling down as if the mouse scroll was stuck. However this is not the case as i changed the mouse i used, and still had the same issue! I've performed a computer...
  10. L

    What graphics card does my pc support

    Hi I have a Zoostorm AMD A8 7600 Computer and just wondering what graphics card will it support and would I also need to upgrade my processor for it thanks hope some one can help
  11. T

    Solved Input not support

    I have an AOC monitor, a couple of years old. It worked fine until I experienced some issues with the games Shadow of Mordor and Prison Architect (I'm sure I have other games with this issue but these were the ones I tried.) Upon opening either of these games, I could hear the sound but the...