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    Camera on Windows 8.1 not working

    I've recently purchased a used Surface Pro 3 and every time I try opening up the built in camera app, it says "To get started, connect a camera". I've tried numerous times to look up how to fix the situation like go into my device manager settings, but there is no option whatsoever with...
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    Solved Random freezing and/or blue screening

    This is a re-post from Reddit where no one seems to want to help. Operating System Windows 10 Computer Specs Surface Pro 3 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family RAM: 8.0 GB Description of problem My computer recently has started either...
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    Failed reset with failed Windows 10 recovery reinstallation

    So, my surface pro 3 started giving me blue screen of death errors and attempting to reboot automatically. I talked to Microsoft tech support and they gave me the instructions to make a USB recovery drive. But then, I got a new support tech and they had me do a "2 button reboot." This solved the...
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    Solved Surface Pro 3 Driver BSOD

    I keep getting BSODs with the cause listed as "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE" on my Surface Pro 3. Any help would be great...I love the device but it's been unusable the last few days. I downloaded WinDbg and here is what the minidump showed...
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    HELP! Missing Programs After BitDefender OneClick Optimizer

    I have a bitdefender total security plan on my surface pro 3 with windows 10. After I used the bitdefender oneclick optimizer, which said I can free up around 20gb of space using the disk cleanup, certain programs started to disappear on start menu and on the 'all apps' list. These apps...