surge protector

  1. bobzani

    Solved Surge protector cord

    I bought a new surge protector, but didn't notice it came with an 8 ft. cord. Is a long cord(which I don't need), a problem? Otherwise, it's a highly rated device. I'm thinking of getting one with a shorter cord.
  2. bobzani

    Solved Surge protector

    I have a surge protector with 6 outlets. I'm now using 5 of them, sometimes simultaneously. I'm wondering if this is a problem? Do I need to use one or more on a different circuit?
  3. H

    Surge Protector keeps shutting off by itself

    I just bought a surge protector and the only thing I've connected to it is my 2 monitors (draws around 140 watts combined) The surge protector says it can take up to 2300 wats. So how do I stop this madness?
  4. M

    Does my cellphone need surge protection?

    I just got a desktop power strip from bestek and it announced to has 1500J energy ratings. I love it as it comes with 8 outlets and 6 USB ports, so I can charge as many devices as I want. I feel assured to use my appliances as it provides high surge protection. I'm not sure whether my USB...