surround sound

  1. TheCrazzyPizza

    Surround sound using TV speakers?

    So my Tv has some pretty good speakers I don't want to use a sound bar or other speakers to replace but want to complete the surround sound. My tv will let me do it but how can I? It's only back speakers and subwoofers that I want and I can only use optical cables. How can I do this as cheap as...
  2. K

    Subwoofer speaker not very loud

    I have a 2002 Magnavox sw2oo/17 75w Active subwoofer speaker and it doesn't quite do the job like it used to 15 years ago. I would buy a new one but i don't have the money is there any thing i can do to make it better?
  3. J

    4.2mm speaker connector to 3.5mm audio connector

    Hello, I have a Sony surround sound system with 4.2mm connectors I'm trying to convert them into 3.5mm connectors for my amp. The wire has a power and ground. I read about banana plugs. Can I put the power and ground into one banana plug or do I need to do separate plugs. I just need a way to...