switch issue

  1. Cdhansen96

    Ethernet switch and IP address issues

    Hello, I have never ran into this issue before. I have an Ethernet switch that I use basically as a splitter for internet connection between 4 devices. (Those being 2 gaming computers a work computer and a Xbox) while directly connected to the modem the Ethernet connection on the computers...
  2. H

    Gigabit ethernet speed slows after switch

    I have a wired network,with FIOS gigabit ethernet. Cat 5E Cabling from router to TRENDnet TEG-S50g 10/100/1000 switch. Computer in port 1 speeds of 600-950 mbps. No other device plugged into that port on any of the other 3 ports can do better that 90mbps, though all have gigabit ethernet...
  3. faizeal

    layer 1 switch communicating but layer 2 not communicating.

    few devices are connected with our network with linksys 4 port switch (layer 2), then suddenly one particular devices stopped working. we tried dlink other linksys switches no use. that particular device still no communication. when we change to the normal switch (layer 1 hub - unbranded low...