1. Z

    Solved Ethernet Works Directly With PC but Not Through Switches

    Thanks in advance for any help. I live in a scholarship house on my school's campus with about 40 other people. We have a network closet in the house with the gateway, firewall, switches, etc. Every room has two Ethernet network ports connected to the network closet and are set up so that one...
  2. E

    HDMI switch 1 in 2 out but not both at once

    I have a laptop running Windows 10, as well as an extra monitor and a tv screen. I bought a bunch of HDMI cables, and I wanted to know how to connect my laptop to both the extra monitor and the tv, but not sharing video on both at once. Basically an HDMI switch 1 in 2 out where only one output...
  3. C

    Wireless extender into switch

    Hey in my den, I have a wireless extender that has an Ethernet output, but I would like to now plug into 2 things (smartTv and a chrome cast). While they both can use wireless connection I thought the wired Connection from the extender would be a little better (faulty assumption maybe?) so I...
  4. C

    NAT and multiplayer connection problems on Nintendo Switch

    Hi there, I'm having problems visiting my friends island on animal crossing. I looked into this and saw that it could be my NAT thats a problem, I checked and it said F, which is weird because for weeks i've been connecting with different players all over the world no problem with NAT type B...
  5. kenwoodfox

    Looking to replace my aging network switches

    I use mainly unmanaged 10/100 base switches with gigabit backbone links, for the most part, I use multiple switches because i try and only use the gib rated backbone ports, im looking to upgrade these to managed switches so I can do link aggregation, does anybody have a suggestion on a brand of...
  6. crcook84

    Map search with filters, switches

    In using Google search, I find that it will give me quite a lot of results for a given area. In particular, if there's too many results for a given point, it tends to filter out the less popular ones so that the most popular results are most immediately visible. While this is, mostly...
  7. K

    Solved 1 PC and 1 laptop sharing 2 monitors?

    I have a PC that for my personal use attached to two monitors. I just got a job where I'll be working at home with a laptop. I'd like to share the two monitors with the laptop. What parts do I need to do that?
  8. K

    LLDP Enable Question

    If I were to enable LLDP on an in production switch (its connected and has user connected to it and actively is passing traffic) will it cause any network latency or possible outage as lldp sends out request and goes through the process of learning what all is connected?
  9. K

    Solved Electrical Light Switch Problem

    I turned off a circuit breaker to a circuit that feeds two bedrooms -- a light switch and several outlets in each room. When I turned on the circuit breaker a few hours later, everything on the circuit worked except a switch in one bedroom that controls a fan with a light. All outlets in both...
  10. edam4

    Switch Revommendation

    Ok so I run a small business from home and at the moment I’m running everything off a single router. Both the home and office are all connected to one router. Kids run their usual stuff PS4’s, Apple TV’s, iPhones etc. At times the network can be slow especially if my Wife and I go to watch...
  11. L

    I need help

    i need help with my disks my local disk is too low and i cant download a game i have 72 gb but need more but on my (D:) disk i have 364 gb i was wondering if i can transfer my game on the (D:) disk so i have space or can i make it so my D disk is my main disk pls Help
  12. T

    No Internet cause of switch?

    Hello, I cant seem to figure out what to do next. I get internet at a plug in my kitchen. The internet is supplied from a switch. I am wanting to connect another wireless router to help extend my coverage and to be able to connect more wired devises. I have tried the usual router ip addresses...
  13. D

    New Network

    Hi, I'm looking to setup a new network with 3 VLANs. With 1 of those VLANS able to see both the other 2 VLANs. I'm also going to need it to be over 2 switches as the location of the computers are in different locations. What I'm looking for is a recommendation on what hardware I should buy or...
  14. CloudyBumblebee

    ISO HD graphic card that'll run on my Toshiba Satellite PC

    Hey, I'm wanting to start uploading gameplays / streaming matches off my Wii U, soon to be Switch, PS4(I know it records but just incase y'know), PS3, and Xbox 360 even. So I'm pretty sure I need an HD Graphic card for good quality, but would my PC be a problem? I got it back in like...
  15. edam4

    Setting up Network for Home and Business?

    Hey, I recently built my home office and would like to upgrade my existing home network that basically contains just a router and about 20 devices all connecting off it. It's struggling big time. I need a Network Switch to manage the traffic on the network, Can someone please let me know what...
  16. umtomas

    Speed differences in LAN

    Hello, a couple of days ago I did some experimets in my LAN. I am using MacBook Pro 13" retina (wireless and USB-Ethernet 100Mbps adapter), small HP MicroServer G6 running Windows Server 2012 (1Gbps network adapter) and Mikrotik RB941-2nD hAP Lite 100Mbps router. The main purpose of my server...
  17. N

    Broken laptop power switch

    hello, I have a LG e310 laptop, it does not have a power button, it has a switch. A few weeks ago I accidentally pulled the switch too hard and something inside it broke and came out from one of the vents underneath (it looked like that part of the switch that triggers the laptop to start up). I...
  18. A

    Solved Wiring between Gigabit switches

    Hello, I have a question regarding wiring between two gigabit switches. Right now my network is wired as follows: Router-> 10/100 switch-> two 10/100/1000 switches in separate rooms. Running new wires is very difficult in my home, so I have split some of the existing cables into two sets of two...
  19. R

    Solved Cannot Connect to Network Drive After Installing Switch

    Windows 7 professional. Office network. 3 pc's, one pc is a workstation that also is the server for their hospitality software. Recently had printer connectivity issues from server to shared printer. Took a netgear router and installed as a switch to network the printer as there are 2 pc's at...
  20. crcook84

    PoE Switch problems

    We have a Ubiquity Unifi AP that does PoE. It came with a power supply so that t would be easy to use without a PoE switch. We started upgrading our home network for 1gb data rate when I stumbled across a PoE switch. Now, one problem we had in the past with our AP is the fact that, because it...