1. W

    How to sync Outlook

    How do I sync s5 outlook with the outlook in my PC? I went into settings and the sync is on there. When I delete emails in the PC they do not delete in the cellphone. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed...
  2. je669

    How do I sync chrome canary to my cloud storage?

    How do I sync chrome canary to my cloud storage? I need to download data logs regarding site security issues experienced due to certifiate installation Expert help please
  3. N

    Playing more than 2 videos in sync on VLC

    For my video installation i need 5 different videos playing in sync. they need to be in different windows so i cannot merge them into one video. I use a mac for that. i know how to have 2 videos playing at the same time in VLC, but not more than that. any ideas how i could press 'play' exactly...
  4. F

    Please Help

    I understand this website is not for other electronics other than a computer. But im pretty desperate at the current moment. I have a playstation 4 and i recently took my controller to a friends house. I came back home and now my controller will not connect to my console. The controller and the...
  5. phixgrrrl

    Transferring Safari bookmarks from iphone to android

    I think I've tried everything. Syncing does not work. Any way to do this?
  6. D

    Solved Video and Audio Out of Sync in Every Video

    Hello, I'm not sure which category to post this in, but I really need help!!!! For about a week or so, all videos I've been trying to watch online (from YoutTube, to Tumblr, etc) are out of sync. The video is always ahead of the audio. However, after a few seconds of this, the video completely...
  7. Barbera

    Sync desktop - laptop - hard drive - cloud

    I'm using a hard drive to store all my files at home and I have my desktop and lap top both pointing to the hard drive, so that whatever computer I'm on, I am accessing and editing the same files. I'll be moving away for the winter and am looking for a cloud solution where I can take the files...
  8. A

    Client cant log in due to server time sync error HELP!

    Hi, I work at a tiny school which has no IT support. After a power cut, students are unable to log in to their individual users due to time being out of sync with server. I don't have info on local login info for these computers. Running XP. I can log in to server computer. Please help!
  9. Bryan84

    Any free Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar solution?

    Any free Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar solution? I do not have admin access to my desktop, so I cannot even use freeware. Probably those portable version. I cannot believe till date, there's no easy way to just sync these two calendars? Google and Microsoft sure don't like each other eh?
  10. Bryan84

    Solved Portable version of Google Drive?

    Is there a portable version of Google Drive App? I have no admin access to my desktop but I will like to sync my Google Drive files to my desktop. Any free alternative?
  11. P

    Excel-Outlook Calendar True Sync

    Hey. First time posting and I couldn't find a definitive answer from searching through the forums... I've seen many ways to export dates from an excel spreadsheet as outlook calendar appointments both using VBA and just the manual export feature. However, before I search myself into oblivion...
  12. Lee Lewis

    Solved Android laptop?

    Is there such a thing? Need a new laptop/notebook quickly and wish to be able to sync it with my droid moto g phone and Samsung Note Pro 12 .2" tablet. Thanks, Lee
  13. C

    Google Chrome

    it says i need to reset my sync passphrase but i have a bunch of stuff synced with it, if i reset my sync will all that go away? it says ''Reset sync to clear your data from the server and remove your passphrase. This will not clear data from your devices. Sign back in to Chrome to start...
  14. H

    How to Use Mobile Phone Camera as Webcam on Windows 10 PC?

    I would like to use my android phone camera as a webcam for use on my Windows 10 desktop PC. I was hoping to use it for videochat. What would be the steps to set this up? My phone and computer both have wifi and Bluetooth. I was thinking that it might be best done using bluetooth? If you...