1. C

    Mapping my synology to windows 10 laptop

    Day 1- I got it all set up and was working perfect. I was able to create a shortcut that I can drag and drop files into my synology. Day2 and there after: Kept asking for my password. I have tried everything. I have done the synology assistant, changed passwords. I can get into my...
  2. M

    Synology NAS Email server setup for custom domain

    Hello everyone, I believe what i am trying to do is reasonably easy but i am having a hard time finding anyone with the experience or expertise for pay or free to help with what i am trying to do. I own a small business and would like to use our own cloud service for email and possible hosting...
  3. D

    iMac on network makes Synology NAS disconnect

    Hello, I moved my computers to a different location and I set up a new network. There were a lot of issues with the NAS so I tried different solutions, nevertheless I am now stuck on this. The NAS works just fine as long as the only one iMac is not connected to the network, no matter if by...
  4. Doubledutch

    Brand New User - NAS related issues

    Hi all, I'm a brand new user to TechSupportGuy, hoping that I can get a resolve on an issue or at the very least get some answers. I need some assistance with regard to my Synology NAS device that is not accessible on my network. Some background first... I have a pretty basic media station...
  5. J

    Erased my Entire NAS, how to recover?

    Title pretty much says it all... How to recover? Synology DS215j mounted with 2 x 4TB WD Red So I tried doing a fabric reinstall from inside the DSM. Apparently it was a DELETE ALL option and now i´ve gotten 2 empty disks. Anyway to get the data back that i´ve just deleted? Its a DS215j...