system crash

  1. EulersIdentity

    Total system freeze with graphical glitches. GPU failure?

    As of two days ago I'm experiencing a complete system freeze accompanied by graphical glitches across the screen, such as boxes and lines of miscellaneous colors. It'll stop taking input within 2 seconds or so from the screen thing, and audio will hang or loop. My assumption is a GPU issue. I'm...
  2. T

    windows 8.1 magically reset itself while all files are intact

    right so long story short, 2 nights ago I was playing csgo when me mum got a bit mad and pulled the plug out. I didn't turn on my pc yesterday but when i did today i was in for a surprise right off the bat. My computer's username used to be zzz, now it's just "s" (without the quotes). The system...
  3. M

    Random BSOD crashes... Help!

    My custom-built PC is randomly crashing and rebooting. It normally does it when I'm playing Skyrim or Sims 4, usually with no blue screen and just a reboot, but earlier it bluescreened in the middle of me drawing on my Wacom tablet and listening to Spotify. The first time it did this was when I...
  4. S

    GPU problem

    Okay, I don't know where to start. I already feel like it's driving me crazy. Basically my GPU (Nvidia GeForce 525M) keeps crashing my whole system down. On Windows 10 I got the "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (nvlddmkm.sys)" error. Same for Windows 8.1. Now I've got Windows 7 and when I launch a...