system image restore

  1. Lu Zhun

    Un-doing RAID 0 (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

    Hello. I have 2 SSD drives in RAID 0 currently set for my primary boot drive and would like to undo this to make them 2 separate drives again. The SSD drive is currently being run by some software SSD controller and not a hard one. I would like to make 1 full system image of the drives to use...
  2. mohittomar13

    Solved Unable to restore Windows Image Backup

    Hi.. My HDD died a couple of days ago and I received a new HDD from my laptop's manufacturer (Dell - Laptop 3568 Vostro). Fortunately I made a system image before the HDD failed (just after installing windows and drivers- the other backup i tried to make after HDD failure didn't work). I tried...
  3. mohittomar13

    Solved Imaging a faulty HDD to backup image to new replacement HDD

    My hdd is faulty and can fail anytime, it is also confirmed by the Dell Support Executive. Dell's SupporAssist application was also giving me notifications about my failing HDD from quite sometime now. They had dispatched a new HDD for replacing the faulty one so we are good. But the problem is...
  4. E

    Solved Do I need driver to restore system image from external HD?

    I just upgraded win7 ultimate 64 bits to win10 pro 64 bits. My HD is partitioned in drive C (system) and drive D (only data). In windows 7 I used the backup option to save the system image on an external HD. At least once a month, I restore the image, run all the updates and make a new system...