system restore errors

  1. Absorber69

    Another System Restore did not complete post

    Recently I tried to do a System Restore on my Dell Windows 10 OS desktop computer back to an automatically created restore point. I got a "did not complete" message WITH NO ERROR CODE. Here is the entire message: "System Restore did not complete successfully. You computer's system files...
  2. sue4635

    Solved System Restore Corrupts the Group Policy

    Please refer to my previous thread "Corrupt Administrator Account" because I think it's related. I was prompted to install an update to iTunes and it failed when I ran it. Next tried to restore from a couple of restore points and it failed, saying that a file was open, probably from my...
  3. B

    Solved WiFi Yes, Internet No; Will a Backup Fix It?

    how many times have you heard this before? "i performed a system restore (that failed to work the first time), and now i have no internet connection." "troubleshooting states that the system is set up fine, but windows can't communicate with the DNS." BUT... none of the solutions have fixed...
  4. zebragoose

    Solved Windows 7 won't boot following driver update

    I've searched for solutions to this problem as best I could, but didn't find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing, so thanks in advance for your patience with the newbie if I've missed something that covers this. I include bold not to be annoying, but to hopefully make this more scannable...