1. P

    Moving system to SSD and making backup

    Hello I need some personal help due to make backup before moving system to ssd. I want to make full backup of all files and system. I want to use AOMEI backupper but I don't know which option to choose: backup of system or backup of disk.
  2. D

    POST/BIOS problem after failed system reinstall from USB

    Greetings, recently I attempted to reinstall my windows 8.1 with a bootable USB. I wanted to replace my windows 8.1 system on my notebook with a Linux system and use this windows 8.1 on a PC. I made a system backup on USB (a backup of the windows 8.1). With the USB being done.(It wasn't an ISO...
  3. Cyberpenguin

    LogonUI.exe - System Error

    So recently, I have gotten into the emulation of phones and computers, stuff like Virtual Machines. However, it was required that I enabled a setting called 'Virtualization Technology' in my HP computer. I was informed that it should not ever damage my computer. After enabling this and...
  4. GaToKun

    System taking too much of my CPU

    Hello people of the internet, I have question about my hardware, I tried to find any threads that already solved the issue, but I cannot find anything that solves my problem. I bought a laptop from MSI last year, to be exact, this is the MSI Prestige PS63 Modern 8SC with the following...
  5. ConsciousThinker

    Attaching System HDD to a newer generation of CPU & RAM

    Current System Config: OS INFO ============================ OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 10.0.18363 N/A Build 18363 BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. V17.10, 8/10/2012 System Type: x64-based PC...
  6. C

    Solved Problems after factory reset

    Soo, I was sent my grandmother's PC and I was working on it earlier and I factory reset it, I clicked the options that said delete personal items not the is and system files yet it deleted them anyway. I would like to speak to someone about my situation please leave me your number, I really need...
  7. F

    Please Help

    I understand this website is not for other electronics other than a computer. But im pretty desperate at the current moment. I have a playstation 4 and i recently took my controller to a friends house. I came back home and now my controller will not connect to my console. The controller and the...
  8. G

    Solved System Image Backup to Flash Drive in Window 7

    1. Instead of backing up my system to an external harddrive, I want to back it up to a 128GB flash drive. I have formatted the flash drive to NTFS standards. When I run Windows Backup, the program gives only two choices: backup to harddrive or backup to DVD. How can I trick the system to...
  9. N

    THE EVIL an operating system wasnt found.asus notebook

    please solve this guys
  10. N

    Windows 10 does not recognize USB flash drive

    Windows 10 does not recognize USB flash drive. Not universally. It is only a couple of flash drives. I think the flash drive quit or ??? The system recognizes that the drive is attached and responds but does not open for use. I think I reformatted one of the flash drives to FAT. Most of my...
  11. A

    Constant Lag on mouse inputs, From Browsing the web to Games

    Ever since I upgraded my PC (about 4 Months ago) I have been experiencing a constant Lag or Jumping of my mouse. It often occurs when there is some form of tab opening, loading, or strain on computer. This may seem like an obvious your computer is slow, but its not. It is more than capable of...
  12. S

    Strange thing happened when booting up laptop

    A while back, something particularly strange happened. I started up my laptop but it booted as if it was a brand new pc and gave me the screens you first see after purchasing one. Screens like: "Hi. We're setting things up for you." while the background changes color occasionally. On the login...
  13. D

    Dell security manager

    I can't retrieve my password. Windows window pops up stating this computer system, #BYT0-1F66, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on computer without the correct password. Please type system or administrator password. Is there a way of getting the password?
  14. TroubledSystem

    PSU Fried Components

    Hello, I am having trouble with my newly built system. The PC ran fine for a hour, I managed to install windows 10 Pro to the SSD, after restarting to finalize windows installation system refused to post, screen went black. I assumed the problem was my old Gigabyte GTX 670 and swapped it out...
  15. S

    Samstock software

    Hi is anyone familiar with samstock version 4.1.7 build 319. Its an old version we have in our shop it was started up on our system in 2007. Im having trouble with the mix n match option for making offers. Your only allowed 100 options and i accidentally created 101 and over rid the system does...
  16. P

    Fonts has changed to alien typeface

    After installing fonts on my windows 10 the system fonts has changed to alien typeface. The applications still show their default fonts but the system fonts are all boxes and dashes and symbols. How do I solve this?
  17. U

    Any one have Exprience in FortiGate Firewalls

    Hi to all, I am new to this Forum and working as a support Engineer.
  18. S

    which game to play

    I linked my system specifications so can anyone suggest me a game which I can get atleast 30 fps
  19. K

    While overclocking something in my system was damaged.

    I had a stable 4.4GHz overclock on my i5 4690K for a week or two but decided to try for 4.5 today. After a couple of bsod I tried to up the voltage a little bit (was moving from 1.268 to 1.27) but when I rebooted to test it out I was greeted with an Asus splash screen that mentioned CPU...
  20. A

    Disk 100%

    Basically my disk on my Asus laptop running Windows 10 has been at 100% or above 90% most of the day. The majority of the usage is from the system. I have defragmented it and it's on automatic defragmenting. I won't turn it on again for more specifications because of how bad it is so I will...