1. etchiwapido

    Solved Restoring PC from Windows System Restore folder

    Hi there, so here is my problem, I had to reformat a work laptop due to malware infection, and was able to conduct a full backup using Windows 7 Backup. This left me with this folder structure saved onto an external hard drive: WindowsImageBackup -*PcName --Backup 2016-02-01-112842...
  2. M

    Firefox System Care?

    After restoring my laptop to factory condition with Windows 7, I'm installing some of my favorite programs. I prefer Firefox for my browser, but it keeps trying to have me scan my system for errors, install One System Care and other options. My inclination is to just say NO, but thought I...
  3. F

    Cooling System for a Closed TV Stand

    Hey there - I just got a new TV stand and I love the aesthetic, but unfortunately it's much warmer than what my Xbox/cable box would like it to be, and I'd like to set up an autonomous cooling system in the back of it. There are already some nice sized slots for cable management, and I've...