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    been battling a bsod SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x000003b for about a week now. tried to DDU graphics driver and reinstall. tried older drivers. tried fresh install of windows 10. did amd chipset driver update. tried sfc scan and dism. I have tried many more things but i am on the verge of giving...
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    BSOD every couple of days and no minidumps get created

    Hi, So I am getting BSOD every couple of days and it's driving me crazy since I'm using my computer for Data Analysis and I have to run code through the night sometimes for days and then it just crashes and sets my work back. Anyway so the error I would get was unexpected_store_exception so I...
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    Random BSODs

    I'm really confused as to why I have started getting these BSODs. I'm unsure if it has anything to do with me updating my bios and other drivers recently. I don't think it's my CPU overclock because that was really stable for months before all of this started happening. Have gotten 4 in the...