1. W

    Wifi Slow on One Device Only

    Windows 10, Dell inspiron 13 7000 Recently, my parents switched from Spectrum wifi to T-Mobile wifi and it's pretty slow on my computer, ranging from 1-5 mbps download speed and similar upload speed. The router is right by my room, and away from metal objects. In the same location as my...
  2. JanicePh

    Samsung J7 T-Mobile

    I'm asking this for a friend who has a Samsung J7 phone that keeps loosing its charge. Maybe too many non-used apps in back ground? :unsure: Can someone give me an idea how to resolve this? If you need more info let me know. Thank you.
  3. D

    Trouble Making Calls on Macbook Air

    So I have followed everything in Apple's recommended help guides. The only issue I've come up with is that after I enable WiFi calling on my phone it doesn't give me an option to add another device, but the two devices have the same Apple ID and there's nothing else I think I can do. Prior to...