1. M

    Making a Table Layout Responsive

    Having a hard time to make a table layout responsive Hi guys, So I created a layout successful through tables but I cannot make it into a responsive layout. It cuts the image rather than squeezing it inside the page. I know it's simple but I'm just a beginner. Any help will be appreciated...
  2. C

    Table into Matrix

    I have a table: Name Current Course Expiry Pete Yes Excel 30/1/19 Pete Yes Word 30/1/19 Pete2 Yes Excel 5/2/19 Pete3 No Excel 1/11/18 I would like to create a Matrix: Name...
  3. G

    Microsoft Access 2016 multiple options in 1 cell

    I'm trying to database my network using the built in Asset tracking template with access 2016. I'm new to playing with Access, but I'm catching on quickly. The issue I'm having is I have several fields I've added in addition to the default fields. I've created one called "MAC Address". I've...
  4. C


    Namaste! I wonder if we can create table in excel entering: No. of cells to be filled up and variables (with their repetition times) to fill with. Thank you!
  5. A

    Cintiq 13hd touch screen issues

    The touchscreen for a Cintiq 13hd only works with multi-touch gestures and not single/double touch clicks or drags but works with 3/4 finger gestures. The pen for it works with single touch, and single/double finger touch has worked in the past. I have tried restarting the device, checking the...
  6. L

    how to insert checkbox automatically into table column

    Hi, i'm really new in using excel macro and vba. i need help how to insert checkbox to multiple table column after table been filter into new worksheet. is there any code/script that i can use for this task? Is there any tutorial from any website or youtube that i can refer? i really need...
  7. L

    Solved show only selected column after filter to new worksheets

    Hi, I'm really new to excel macro and VBA. I need help on how to show only selected column after filter to new worksheets? I use this code by . In this code after done filter and copy data of specific value to new sheet, the table on new sheet show all column same as...
  8. A

    Updateable Data On Website

    Hi, I need something that I'm not sure how to Google search or explain. Bare with me. When my clients log in to their personalized homepages on my website, I need something like a table for them to enter and edit information for their employees. Like a table that has the rows on top with...
  9. Dakota14breyer

    Help! Windows 10 trouble with a reeeally old drawing tablet!

    HELP! I have a really old tablet and a really new computer, and they aren't playing well together. I have a Windows 10 HP desktop computer and a Wacom GD-0912-R tablet with a Serial D9 to USB adapter I bought from Amazon. Everything seemed to be plugging in alright and the little light on the...
  10. H

    Solved Access 2010 expression from form needs to reflect in table

    I am super new to Access (like, what I know I taught myself or learned from some short youtube tutorials a few days ago), but I'm putting together a database for my reporting at work. This is the first time I've really run into an issue. I am using Access 2010. I have a table called "Holds...