task manager

  1. A

    In Progress can't be completed because the file is open in WC ASSISSTANT

    Hi idk if this the right place to ask but I have a problem try to remove some files from the C:\Program Files from a folder called LAVASOFT but got a message which is "this action can't be completed because the file is open in WC assistant" I've search for it on the TASK MANAGER but I've found...
  2. S

    Lag because Chrome processes are in TM's app section

    My Chrome's processes are now in the Apps section instead of the background process section of Task Manager (TM) and it made my laptop lags badly and heats up fast. I have been playing using this PC for a long time, and when I play this game (Warframe), I always have my browser (which always...
  3. D

    Why is the hard-drive working the whole time?

    It sounds like the hard-drive of this computer is working non-stop, sounds like it's way to busy for what I'm doing. Below is a link to screen-shots of all the processes and services --way too many I think. Was wondering if someone could take a look and see if it's all legit. Thanks...
  4. S

    New A Hidden Administrator takes video of my DAUGHTERS HELP PLZ

    I will try to make the first part of this post short in hopes that I can get some help from someone asap, I don't know where to turn anymore. I am a former Military 35 y/o single mother with 2 daughters and I just began to educate myself about computer and information technology a few months...
  5. S

    How much memory should a game use in task manager?

    Hi! I just bought a new laptop about a week ago and its a very good one. It has a Intel core I7 processor and it also has NVIDIA GEFORCE (its not a laptop with the gaming design). So i have heard that i can play games on it, and do my studies (graphic design). So they said this laptop is perfect...
  6. C

    Opening Windows 10 Task Manager slows PC down

    So every time I go to open Task Manager I noticed that my PC slows down to a halt. I also did notice some games tend to run a little sluggish in game when I turn my mouse to view around as a player. I tried everything from scanning for viruses, used malwarebytes, a registry cleaner once. Looked...
  7. R

    Unknown startup program

    When I Opened the startup programs option in task manager, I found a program named Ee3nX1lVzj I tried searching online to find the details about this program, but I could not find anything. I am worried if I have to disable the program or not.
  8. E

    Too many processes running in Windows XP - Help!

    My Task Manager shows too many processes running on my Windows XP Dell laptop. This is just when I have started the computer and have not yet even opened any program or done anything else. I am attaching screengrabs of my Task Manager (had to take two screenshots because there are so many...
  9. M

    New Lenovo Computer Crashing All Applications

    HI! I know nothing about computers so please help and don't use complicated language! My desktop recently started crashing every application I open (or try to open.) The only program I can successfully run is Google Chrome which I have no problem with at all. EVERYTHING ELSE, including task...
  10. L

    Accidentally ended a process in task manager

    Hi and thanks in advance for any advice offered! :) Running Windows 10 and hate it :'( Netflix page was loading but the videos wouldn't start, so I restarted the laptop- and same problem. The laptop was quite noisy (usually this happens when Windows is downloading updates or doing whatever...
  11. F

    Many applications won't run, but show up in Task Manager

    Over the past couple months my Windows 10 machine has gotten picky about what applications it will run. For example, I just installed the program Bins (http://www.1upindustries.com/bins/), which is reputable, but when I attempt to start it nothing happens. When I check the task manager, it shows...
  12. F

    Programs freeze and I can't force close them

    I've been having this problem recently where a program freezes/stops responding (it was Chrome before, but it happened with Discord as well) and I have to close it using the task manager. Upon force closing it, it creates a background process with the same name and icon and all. This process is...
  13. A

    Solved Please Help!

    so I was trying to download a free trial of a Pc game which is available. I downloaded it off of the website, (which I thought) was legitimate. Apparently not. It has since (in the past half hour or so) downloaded multiple pop ups, some browser in manderin (orange and white squirrel icon), and...
  14. OllyN

    High CPU usage - task manager culprit

    Im not sure im posting this in right section so if not please move it where it belongs :) Recently I started noticing that fan on my laptop is working more than it should, even when im not doing anything and don't have any programs running. I think its been the case even before, I just never...
  15. M

    Help!! my acer laptop is not working!!

    okay so my acer laptop is not working. it has had Windows 10 for about a year now and just recently it started going out of whack. it will load to the desktop screen but after that nothing loads!! I will click on the desktop icons and it does nothing. the start button does not work. task manager...
  16. S

    Solved Cannot remove Albireo and un-"killable" task

    I am posting this on my phone since my computer browser is not working properly. I was trying to download something yesterday, and because I knew it was going to take a long time I left it to download and went away. When I came back all these extra stuff I didn’t want was already installed...