1. N

    Taskbar not working (but that's not all)

    Hey guys hope you're all doing well :) I have an Acer Spin 3 laptop that i only bought at the beginning of this year. Recently, the taskbar has completely stopped working; i can't search up anything on it, and in addition to that, i can't right click on any of the icons in the task bar. I can...
  2. B

    Taskbar won't respond

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 10. I am unable to connect to wi-fi because clicking the icon in the lower right of the screen (on the taskbar) does nothing. Additionally, the Windows start menu (lower left) or thw Windows button does nothing. My primary concern is the wi-fi. The password...
  3. bitsane

    Windowed borderless, can't alt-tab without another window..

    Whenever I am in a game, windowed borderless, I can't alt-tab out unless there is a tab open on the same monitor as I am playing on. Clicking on my second monitor screen also won't make the taskbar appear. Before upgrading to windows 10 (from windows 7), I could always tab out easily, or click...
  4. Z

    Can't use taskbar or any program.

    Hello everyone, I'm not able tot click anywhere otherwise it will close the program i clicked. Can't click on my taskbar or search bar. I can use Start+S but i can't right click tot run as administrator. Only Enter button. (My Mouse works fine i tested it on another computer)
  5. E

    Windows Taskbar Issue

    Since someone in my school deleted some virus files and cleaned up my PC a little (HP Notebook, Windows 10) I have been unable to start the Windows Start menu. The button on my keyboard is not working and if I click it nothing happens. I am able to click on the explorer and chrome on my taskbar...
  6. bitsane

    Windows 10 Anniversary update, Windowed Fullscreen,Dual Mon

    Hello all! About a week ago I upgraded to windows 10 anniversary edition, and it's been great so far... Except for one small (but still annoying) problem. Whenever I am in a game, borderless fullscreen, I can't alt-tab out unless there is a tab open on the same monitor as I am playing on...