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  1. pcorn

    Valorant fps drops

    About 3 months ago, I have started experiencing fps drops while playing Valorant to the point where I couldn't even shoot a bullet properly. I have tried resetting my pc and getting rid of all my files incase it was because my files were causing the problem. That sort of worked and Valorant...
  2. J

    Recently upgraded to windows 10 now frequent BSOD

    Hi after recently upgrading to windows 10 from windows 7 I started getting frequent bsod errors with the bug check code of 0x00000109 and caused by driver ntoskrnl.exe. I have attacted the minidump file. Thanks
  3. J

    Can't connect to website (

    Hello! More of an unusual issue. I tried to access on 3 devices on the same day, but the website didn't work. The issue is still occurring on the 3 devices, but not on any other device. On my PC, I flushed the DNS cache, changed my DNS to Google's ( and, and basically...
  4. J

    Used PC with No operating system

    hello my question is actually a few questions all revolving around the same sorry if this is a little long but please bare with me as i have been struggling to figure this out. okay so i will start with i have a Lenevo thinkpad with a SSD thats hardware is a samsung 850 evo with...
  5. B

    Solved Right click bug

    Hi I am having an issue with my gaming laptop. My right click is bugged. Quite often my screen will freeze and my computer registers 5 right clicks instead of 1 which is infuriating. In addition I am experience lag but my wifi provider and wifi extender provider can't seem to find any issue...
  6. H

    Whole pc build is working except GPU

    Hello! Recently I built my new pc and used my old power supply(650 watt gold) and my old gpu(rx 480 4gb). I have a B350 PC MATE Mobo, a ryzen 1600 cpu with stock, 2 tb hhd, and 16 gigs vengence ram. Everything works except fan lights and GPU. I tried changing wires, puttibg my older power supply...
  7. Treul

    New to the site, need help with computor

    Hey, I've been running off a PC i built a couple years ago and now i've had the hankering to upgrade it by putting in some new videocards. They worked fine for a while, but were getting a bit hot - so i reseated them and *may* have knocked the motherboard around while shuffling them about, and...
  8. C

    Poweredge 850 not working (not sure where to put this)

    A Dell PowerEdge 850 of mine won't start, you plug it in and it just flashes the front and back led lights (orange) and displayed no ABCD code. I have reseated the memory, even tried to boot the system with no HDD, RAM, PCIE cards with the exact same results. I am clueless!
  9. F

    Mac OS Mojave disk space issue - stumped

    Have a macbook pro trying to help with. Dude jumped on Beta because he thought that would be fun, and it's, you know, a it has broken his finder etc. and otherwise rendered machine deadish. So, trying to reinstall from internet recovery. Needs 1.8GB more space. 1.8GB... seriously...
  10. E

    Black screen help

    I switched off my laptop because it was becoming sluggish. Turned it back on, goes to loading splash screen as normal then when it should go to sign in screen it remains black. It has done this quite a bit in the past and after a few minutes it would load the sign in screen. Not today. Can any...
  11. S

    In Progress Removal of JS:Downloader FHY

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0 Processor Count: 8 RAM: 8173 Mb Graphics Card: Radeon RX 560 Series, -1 Mb Hard Drives: C: 119...
  12. P

    Solved Dell Inspiron 13-5378 Signature Edition full on disk space

    I am very confused. I have been trying to clear up some space for a while now but nothing really worked. I have looked deeper into the issue and this is what I found: So, it says that I am using 51 GB for all of my Disk. But, then I find this. It says that I have basically used 235 GB. How is...
  13. M

    tech support for small buisness

    Hey Guys, So I am the non-technical co-founder in a tech start-up. My co-founder, who is a full stack developer, and his hired help are coding the site in completion and is able to handle any problem they hit building by working with their current network. When we launch, I want to have a...
  14. Cole2246

    How to connect computer to tv

    Hi guys, I just bought a gaming desktop and I wanna connect it to my tv. All I have plugged into the pc is the power cord. HDMI to hdmi and a dvi to hdmi cord. I can’t figure out why my pc won’t connect to the tv. Please help.
  15. M

    Uprading my pc

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6350 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0 Processor Count: 6 RAM: 8189 Mb Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, -2048 Mb Hard Drives: C: 931 GB (273 GB...
  16. J

    Computer screen unresponsive

    I have a Dell Vostro 200 Desktop that is having issues, First when I turned it on it started beeping non stop and had no display on the screen. So I opened it up and took out the processor and cleaned it up and added new thermal paste and dusted it all out. I put it back together and hooked it...
  17. F

    Display not working after messing with drivers

    Hi, So a few months ago I installed a new graphics card into my pc which was the r9 380 from Radeon. This however was a switch from the card that came with my PC which was Nvidia. I knew that I needed to get rid of all my Nvidia drivers and install my new Radeon ones which I did and the...
  18. Altethia

    Computer keeps freezing

    Hi i am really getting frustrated with this as i have done literally everything to fix this problem but it wont work.Anyways what the issue is,my computer will freeze when i try to download games or play them(Browsing the internet seems fine but if i watch videos it will freeze in like 5-10...
  19. J

    Wired issue with .dll files

    Recently I have been having issues with multiple games crashing and have found no solution and after 2weeks of getting support from I get this Greetings jvb50m, My apologies for sending you that repeat recommendation. If you have already updated and manually installed drivers...
  20. G

    PLEASE HELP!! Dell Laptop Won't Connect to Internet.

    I am referencing a 3 yr old Dell Inspiron 3520. It's running on Windows 10. The laptop was working fine, if not a little patchy yesterday, I closed it, then opened it up about 20 minutes later and suddenly it wouldn't connect to the internet. On the bottom bar, the Wi-Fi connection symbol has an...