1. B

    Windows 7 Bootmgr is missing

  2. K

    600 gaming pc build

    ive decided to sell my computer and I have a 600 dollar budget gaming pc I want it to be able to at least run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone and GTA at at least 60 fps or more its okay to go over the budget a little stay within a minimum range I just want help finding parts as I don't...
  3. D

    Bios not losing after update

    Please I need help. I have a Msi pro vdh max and I updated the bios through the Msi live update app. It told me to do flash and I clicked ok. And now there’s no video. Not from the graphics or motherboard. I don’t know what to do please help me.
  4. F

    Mac OS Mojave disk space issue - stumped

    Have a macbook pro trying to help with. Dude jumped on Beta because he thought that would be fun, and it's, you know, a it has broken his finder etc. and otherwise rendered machine deadish. So, trying to reinstall from internet recovery. Needs 1.8GB more space. 1.8GB... seriously...
  5. M

    Automatic Repair Loop/Tried everything I can find

    I got this laptop about 5 or 6 months ago from our friend down the street. They gave it to my after they used it and got a new one, and the.g. wiped everythijng so ijt was practically brand new. I had no problems with it what so ever, then one day I hopped on and noticed it was painfully slow. I...
  6. D

    Please help me break my Ipad mini forever

    Hi, i would like my pristine iPad mini 1st gen to be broken forever and never able to turn on again. I would result to smashing it up but i don't want the hardware to be affected as its due to go on display. Juts the software. I know this may seem odd but i promise its for a good cause. Thank...
  7. A

    Looking for a job in Michigan, is this post allowed?

    I'm moving from Chicago to Detroit and looking for a new company/job. I'm wondering if posts like this are allowed?
  8. mohittomar13

    Discovering Bitcoin

    Hi all..!! Not sure if I'm posting in the correction section of the forum but I just had a question which I wanted to ask and something to say. And I'm quite sure there is no other place to get the correct answer to that question than TSG. Alright.. So, I joined TSG in 2011 and soon...
  9. JeckNeedsHelp

    Can't Access OS

    I am unable to access windows 10. It has been working for over a year now. So, the other day I was attempting to dualboot Win 10 and MacOs High Sierra on my AMD computer. (I own a Mac so... it's not piracy)(Processor: 3.5 GHz FX-Series Six-Core FX-6300 Memory Speed:1866 MHz Hard Drive: 1000 GB...
  10. P

    Reset Old Labtop Password Help?

    I have a Windows XP Dell labtop Dell Latitude CPi A366ST BIOS VERSION: A05 I tried the non disk, usb ways to reset this. In the Safe Mode, the admin account has a password. Its like in the video, except without going about to access the admin account. What it looks...
  11. J


    I haven't slept since two days trying to fix this thing , I have a VIVO Y15S (MTK6580) . I planned to root it 2 days ago but that required me to unlock the bootloader so i went into fastboot mode to unlock it . Im a noobie with MTK Devices! Tho!. Everything went well! a dialog box showed upo...
  12. TwDean

    Receiving bogus targeted emails

    My wife says she is receiving emails from several different addresses that seem targeted at her after problems with her former boss. Some emails look like code. I will paste few lines below Can anyone tell us what this is or were we can get help? Only a few lines of email below: hrungs swingin...
  13. V

    Graphics Error, Help!

    no idea whats going on, but keep getting these(attached) type of glitches anyone have a clue how to get rid of it? doesn't affect chrome, and mainly affects text edit and imovie. I'm on OS X version 10.9.5, macintosh HD with 16 GB of memory. please help, it makes editing footage a pain (i've...
  14. G

    Help for DIY Charging dock station

    Hello everyone, I have decided to create this thread as i am desperately trying to find out more information about this project i am doing, I am 16 years old and i am currently trying to complete my GCSE project. I came on here because i need help with the speakers as i am not sure of how to...
  15. Dodds98

    Error Code 0xc0000001

    Just updated my computer to windows 8.1 I've been getting this error code 0xc0000001 and this one attempted_execute_of_noexecute_memory I've searched online no help. I need help ;(
  16. K

    Need Help Building A Gaming Laptop

    Hey guys, I'm building a gaming laptop, is this a good gaming laptop: Metabox Alpha N170RD 17.3" FHD 1920 x 1080 Matte 72 Gamut LED Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM Core i7-6700HQ Processor (6M Cache up to 3.50 GHz) 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ Memory Intel 540S 120GB SATA3 M.2 SSD 1TB 5400RPM...
  17. C

    Somewhat broken earphones

    Hi guys, so this just happened to my Razer Hammerhead earphones. They are still working thankfully, but it's really hard to enjoy listening to music with one earphone being like that. I was thinking I may use hot glue to get that to stick but I'm not a tech expert so I don't know. Any...
  18. AntonMiEngland

    Solved Trackpad intermittent fault

    Dear readers I bought a laptop a while back, had some issues and after exchanging it a few times I came to this laptop that I am typing this article on now. The trackpad was a bit temperamental at first but then progressed to the point where, intermittently, the track pad will assumes that 1-2...
  19. bobs-here

    facebook and MS teamup to lay cable

    Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to lay a giant cable under the Atlantic The tech giants Facebook and Microsoft have partnered in the name of data.