1. adrian696969696

    Downloads gone

    So i deleted an app called sketchup and after that i go to my file explorer and all of my downloads are gone but the local disk space haven't change idk what is happening this happened 2 rimes the 1st one is after i update my windowds and now pls help ty iam using windows 10 pro
  2. S

    Solved Iphone issues

    Hi! My phone just stopped working due to the water damage in the charging port, my phone was dead so I was not able to realize that there was water in the charging port and now my iPhone 12 max pro will not respond to the touch screen nor the volume buttons, only the power button. Is there a fix...
  3. C

    Lenovo AIO Screen Flickering

    Hello, my Lenovo Ideacentre Flex 20's screen randomly began to flicker a few days ago. It does so in a pulsing motion at roughly five second intervals consistently (meaning the flicker will last for five seconds and pause for five seconds), with this behavior mainly affecting the top portion...