1. B

    VR hardware help much appreciated!

    Hello, just a couple of VR related q's I need help with - I have no experience with VR, so excuse the layman terms!) - Whats the difference between the HTC vive trackers ( having a strap on each wrist) and leap motion? you can see your hands in front of you on both of them and can pick things...
  2. BrunoFruits

    Need Help Converting a VCF File to a 23andMe file

    These are the instructions handed to me: 1. Download VCF-to-23andMe. The two scripts in this directory require Python 3. 2. First, run the script using your VCF file as input. This generates the genome.db file: > python3 input.vcf.gz vcf genome.db 3. Then run...
  3. C

    Solved 0xc00007b

    There's been a persistent issue that prevents me from successfully launching the game "Men of War: Assault Squad 2." I've contacted the game support, and they very graciously gave me many instructions and recommendations for which course of action I should take in an effort to resolve the issue...
  4. K

    Solved Motherboard CPU error light on

    Hey everybody, I decided to come on here because I really need some help. Over Christmas, I was given a few components needed to upgrade my computer, I was given a new motherboard, Ram stick, graphics card, and the only thing I had to buy was a CPU. When I finally got all the parts together, I...
  5. keatit71

    Trying to transfer files from Micro SD Card

    I got a new phone and i'm trying to transfer the files from my old sd card onto my laptop but it just scans it then copies it really fast and doesn't actually copy anything. I've been able to transfer files from the same sd card before so i'm not sure whats wrong.
  6. J

    Computer screen unresponsive

    I have a Dell Vostro 200 Desktop that is having issues, First when I turned it on it started beeping non stop and had no display on the screen. So I opened it up and took out the processor and cleaned it up and added new thermal paste and dusted it all out. I put it back together and hooked it...
  7. T

    Website with Wordpress

    Hello All, I am wondering if you people can help me out with my client's website, I have been doing hours of research to try and find a solution to my client's webpage problem, it seems like they have the 'white screen of death ' with their website as it doesn't show anything when I try to...