1. Mrb1909

    Windows 10 stuck on boot loop

    Hi guys, So I’ve just acquired a used Advent DT2110 with Windows 10. I installed a new PSU (Aerocool Cylon 500W 80+ Bronze) and bought a used graphics card (GTX 650ti). It won’t get passed the boot screen. It shuts off in normal startup while the windows logo is showing, and sometimes if I’m...
  2. MasterNeloth

    Bizarre Screen Freezing/Twitching When Playing Games (Please Help)

    I've recently been running into random screen freezing and frame rate loss issues when playing games that I can normally, run perfectly well. I'll be playing, say, Skyrim for example, and I'm getting silky smooth 60fps with the occasional stutter here and there, and then suddenly, out of...