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    Input devices and screen turns off randomly

    Hello! My computer randomly stops functioning no matter what I am doing with it at the moment. The keyboard, mouse, and screen turns off. The lights of the power button stay on but the button does not respond to me pressing the power button. The fans of the computer continue spinning. I have...
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    Solved Display problem after update

    So my computer had an update I left and when I came back my display looks like this now. On start up my motherboard screen(ASRock) comes up fine with regular colors but as soon as I get to the password screen it...
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    Solved PC works at PC repair-shop but not at home...?

    Hello, I took my PC to a repair shop as it was not working correctly, they fixed the problem and they were able to launch Windows from their shop as I witnessed myself. When I came home I was unable to launch my PC and it just kept beeping (1 long, 2 short if that's relevant). What am I doing...