temporary profile

  1. beekeep

    Solved ntuser.dat file in use by another process

    Trying to find out why recently I can't login with my profile. Windows event logs helpfully say that the ntuser.dat file is in use by another process....but which one? Windows then creates a temporary profile when logging in. The profile presumbably is okay as there isn't a problem logging in...
  2. sue4635

    Solved Corrupt Administrator User Account

    My Windows 7 SP1 PC was running very slow so I tried running a Mcafee scan. Got error: "McAfee proxy service failed to start due to error: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file." Went back to a restore point from a few weeks earlier. After that, whenever I booted the PC it...
  3. L

    PLEASE HELP !! Computer issues. Windows 7

    Hello tech Support! I have a few issues with my poor old computer, Its been a long time since it's actually been able to work properly , timeline of stuff that made my computer mess up - October/ something/ 2015 I tried to download a game from a website that only gave me malware and that...
  4. V

    put me into temporary profile.

    hey, I am using windows 8. and I got the free windows 10 upgrade. I tried to upgrade that and I don't it has been upgraded or not but whenever I turn on my laptop it puts me into some temporary profile and because of that I am unable to see my all data and files. They want me to download each...