1. M

    Teredo adaptor not showing up in "Add legacy software"

    I've been having Issues going online in Forza Horizon 4. Looking up about the issue, I found it was a Teredo Issue. Tried all the possible fixes and cmd commands on the internet but none have worked so far. Looking through the Device Manager I found that Teredo Adapter wasn't installed, so I...
  2. Kferguson319

    Solved what is this? what does it mean

    I found this buried somewhere in my system32 files on my windows 10-surface pro 6. and file was saved to be opened with notepad and the file was called NetSetupMig. Im kinda worried cause my internet has been super high on bandwidth than our typical and i seed 4 unknown/ unfamiliar devices found...
  3. C

    Unable to enable Teredo

    Hello, I haven't been able to connect to a particular network for a while. I was able to use it on this laptop (HP Pavilion running Windows 7) about 2 days ago, now every time I run network diagnostics I get a message saying the computer administrator has disabled teredo. I have tried enabling...
  4. G

    Need help connecting pdanet to my xbox one correctly

    ive been trying for about a week to get pdanet on my samsung galaxy s5 to connect to my xbox. right now it connects but im having double NAT issues, UPnP issues, and teredo issues. im at a loss for what im supposed to do. pdanet connects to my computer perfectly and im using its wifi share to...